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Antonioni began in 2016 when solo artist Sarah Pasillas recruited band members to flesh out and record several songs she had written. The result was 2017's Lullablaze EP, a lo-fi indie record released on Seattle indie label, Den Tapes. The Lullablaze release drew strong praise and was followed by a regional tour. One year later, and the band has generated a healthy buzz while opening for bands like Spirit Award, Whitney Ballen, and Jo Passed (Sub Pop) and playing Seattle DIY music festivals like BIG BLDG BASH and Laflamapalooza. In 2017, the band started writing and recording new songs with producer Rick Hoag (Lonely Mountain Lovers.) The result is EP, The Odds Were All Beating Me, a polished and more expansive record, is out now on Den Tapes.

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"The Odds Were All Beating Me"

Check out their latest video for "Easy Listener"