Beverly Crusher


Beverly Crusher is a power punk band based in Seattle. As commanding as their namesake, their slick riffs and heavy shredding evoke flying car chases of the future. Pedal-to-the-metal bass playing by Max Stiles and the volcanic drumming of Sam Stiles are the perfect ride-or-dies for Cozell Wilson’s ruthless guitar and vox. Formed in 2014, the trio offers shameless rock songs about devil worship, drugs, and relationships deteriorating. Shortly after releasing "Pills, Pills, Pills" Beverly Crusher took some time off while Cozell recovered from suffering a stroke which required him to relearn how to play guitar. They've since returned to playing and recording new music, which sparked interest in doing a re-release with Den Tapes. "Crusher Candy" features the original 6 songs from "Pills, Pills, Pills" and a hot new bonus track "Gimme the Power". "Crusher Candy" offers livid lyrics and in-your-face guitar solos, whether listening through headphones or headbanging at their live shows.

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"Crusher Candy"