Crazy Eyes

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Crazy Eyes began in 2012 as a recording project between G Kellen Grace and Matt Lovely in Seattle, WA. Spending most of 3 years on the road touring, the band released debut album 'Ring Ring Jingalong and Dark Heart Singalong' in 2015. An additional few years of intense touring, personal hardship, and lineup changes have brought Crazy Eyes to where it is today: releasing a brand new EP, It's Over, Everybody, on Den Tapes.

"With enough hooky noise and jumble jangle rhythms to hold up a small convenience store, Crazy Eyes toss swagger thoughtfully throughout the street; sometimes they throw in a pretty little ditty too, shedding sarcasm and spreading goo all over the city wherever they may go. While all the denizens of trash city chime in on the choruses and ring in the new era of grimy rock and roll prosperity." - The Deli, Seattle

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"It's Over, Everybody"

Check out their video for "Sand Castle Squisher"