Happy Times

Sad Times

"Don't You Want to Dream Again?"

"Happy Times Sad Times that turns me into a slobbering, head-banging nut, which happens with only select bands like the Gories, whom I revere. If you can turn this battered middle-aged music fan into a 16-year-old pogo princess, you've got POWER"

-Marianne Spellman, Popthomology

Self-described “therapy rock” four piece Happy Times Sad Times have been hard at work in the studio and in the bars and basements of Seattle since the release of “New Album” with Den Tapes. Clever and self-deprecating, they are known for their blazing live performances. They will charm you with hooks and group harmonies, then keep you moving with heavy dance rhythms. They strive for one thing: to make you feel good. Luckily, they don’t give you much time to do anything else. Drawing on influences like The Violent Femmes, Echo and the Bunnymen, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and The Pixies, the resulting delivery is a crashing wall of agile post-punk drive, folk simplicity, and garage energy that is as sincere as it is joyful, with just enough world-weariness to believe them.

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