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  • Trevor Crump  - Seattle based photographer and GIF maker extraordinaire.

  • Portia Hartwick - Den Tape's go to artist for all things involving attractive design.

  • Restless Prints - Awesome option for anything you want to have screen printed. (If you get a shirt from one of our bands, there's a very good chance it's made by these buds) 

  • SUMP - Seattle Underground Music Photography. They're rad folks who shoot shows.

  • Hazy Bay - A great local studio run by members of Choke the Pope, and has produced a handful of Den Tapes releases.

  • Half Shell Records - A local favorite of ours and a great collaborator.

  • Youth Riot Records

  • Bomb Pop Records

Places across the city where you can find Den Tapes releases:


Den Tapes wouldn't be possible without the help of a lot of great people, so we want you to know about and support them too!

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