Miscomings is a band with a point and that point is to be whatever you are, whoever you are and to express the unsteady weirdness of life through zany, hectic, and unhinged rock & roll. The name came from Joe and Nicole being stuck in the ever growing Seattle traffic. As they were goofing around and spitting out words, one of them said “miscomings” and they both stopped and looked at each other and said “that would be a good band name”.

Months later, Nicole was between jobs and on unemployment so she decided she wanted to try playing drums, the first instrument she had undertaken. She found a $90 drum kit and got to work. Joe and Nicole share a certain taste for bands that some would call unlistenable, from Load Records acts and No Wave to bands like Flipper. In the past Joe had a hard time finding others to play music similar to his interests with, his past bands featured Joe only on drums and he was excited to switch into his new role of guitarist and singer. In 2016, they recruited Paulo as their, now former, bassist after writing their self titled demo. A few months later, after playing gigs and tweaking the line up, Smart Erik was added as their second guitarist and Clark Demeritt took Paulo’s place as bassist. This lead them back to Office Space to record two more tracks they added to the self titled demo, they then remastered it and released “Bag of Knives”. Soon after, Smart Erik was replaced with Daniel Mahony on guitar as they continued to play shows around town, write new songs as this current incarnation and went on a small tour through Portland, Oakland, and Reno supporting Dream Decay. Last November Miscomings returned to Office Space to record “Like Music” the forthcoming cassette EP to be released by Den Tapes on March 2.


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"Like Music"

"Delightfully deranged art rock from Seattle that clangs, bangs, and buzzes with vibrant energy"

-Mariana Timony, Bandcamp Social

"Miscomings dispense their short, abrupt songs—(de)compositions that spill over with hysteria yet are pressurized into tense blasts of noise-rock that finds the golden mean between DNA and Minutemen at their nastiest"

-Dave Segal, The Stranger

Check out Miscomings cover of The Go-Go's "We Got the Beat"