Moon Human

Moon Human consists of Carter Prince, Jon Dugger, and Grant McGilberry, and have been playing in the Seattle DIY scene for the last year. They blend together many elements of psychedelic rock and post-punk, and are heavily influenced by bands like the Beach Boys, Joy Division, and Sonic Youth, and has been described as “outsider psychedelic magic” (Sounds from the Underground).

The band is currently in the process of releasing their first album Flavorfully Blue on June 9th through Seattle tape-label Den Tapes. They also have independently released live EP’s and limited edition tapes, such as the Hollow Earth Split (2016) with Blonde Cigarette, and Live In Bellingham (2017) under Grant’s independent label Hot Dog Volume. They are also in the works on planning tour dates in support of Flavorfully Blue.

Moon Human came to be while being freshman at Seattle University, and exploring the underground Seattle scene together. Since then, they have played consistently in the Seattle house show circuit, and have spread their orbits to Everett, Bellingham, Tacoma, and Olympia. Their live performances have been described as “spacey” and “waves of layers and noise,” (Seattle Music Insider), and are known for their energetic and powerful stage presence.

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"Flavorfully Blue"