Mud On My Bra

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Photo by SUMP

Mud On My Bra are a punk band from Seattle, WA. Formed in 2016 in a chicken coop which is located in the corner of a honey bee farm, MOMB bring their own unique approach to surf-infused pop punk and garage rock. Myla adds her wild drum beats to Aria's frantic guitar rhythms and quirky, romantic songwriting style. Seattle's most “adorkable” two-piece punk band. Bubblegum chewing, ear-nibbling punk rock.


After being introduced by a mutual friend on social media, Myla and Aria met at a holiday party in December 2014. They thought it would be awesome to start a band of some form, but the two musicians were both interested in playing roller derby as well. After a year or two on skates, they both decided to take a break from routine injury, and start booking shows instead! Not long after they formed their band Mud On My Bra, Myla and Aria adopted the surname 'Mud' in much the same way the Ramones named themselves, and quickly became part of the Seattle and Pacific Northwest music scenes.


Myla and Aria live in their practice space near Seattle, but are found roaming the Northwest in search of delicious tacos, teriyaki, or pho, whenever possible. Myla is a pisces and enjoys flat soda, spicy pickles and relaxing bicycle rides by the beach. Aria is a leo and enjoys buffalo herds, good coffee, tall trees and owns an awesome rubber dinosaur collection. Both members of Mud On My Bra are so fun to hang out with, some speculate they are actually visitors from a distant planet named Mylaria.


Mud On My Bra recorded their Spanaway EP at The Manger Recording Studio in Tacoma, WA. Jeff Sheldon and Paul Chandler recorded the session as Aria and Myla tracked drums, guitar, vocals and bass for six songs… all in one day. Paul Chandler mixed and mastered the tracks for later release.


"Spanaway EP"

"I applaud the unapologetic feminism tucked into this punk-af name."

- Karen Eisenbrey, writer

"It made me love music again. Just simple and cute and stripped down and pure."

- Shawn Holley, Mythological Horses